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Starting A Business in Australia
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How to start a business in Australia There are a number of options available to get into business in Australia. Things to consider first include: Ways to start a business Starting a business from scratch This is the cheapest way … Read More

The Importance of Job Expos
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Jobs expo events are increasingly become popular to both employers and people who are looking for work. Jobs expos and training are organised all over Australia to facilitate the recruitment, networking and the process of applying for work. This can … Read More

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– CURRENT VOTES: 200 – JUDGES POINTS: (To be announced) VOTE NOW USING SOCIAL MEDIA LIKES & SHARE BUTTONS BELOW: Name: SAEA BANYANA Performance size: Group Gender: Females African background: South Africa Ethiopia Angola Age group: 20 – 40 Australian base: New South Wales (NSW) … Read More

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– CURRENT VOTES: 10 – JUDGES POINTS: (To be announced) VOTE NOW USING SOCIAL MEDIA LIKES & SHARE BUTTONS BELOW: Name: A.T.M JEFF Gender: Male Age group: 18 – 25 Australian base: Western Australia (WA) African background: Burundian Performance size: Solo Artist Talents: Singer Songwriter Genre: African Australian … Read More

How Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Australia
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  When people in Australia hear the word ‘VALENTINE’, immediately the words ‘Love’ and ‘flowers’ come in mind. Some people say that Valentine’s Day is something that you don’t see it coming and suddenly it is just suffocating you. Maybe … Read More

African Communities in Australia
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  It may or may not be easy to meet new African people in Australia in more appropriate ways and safe environments. This is true for those who are new in Australia and those who have been in the country for a … Read More